Windows End of Support

With a new version of Windows scheduled for this year, Microsoft has announced that support for Windows 10 will end on 14 October 2025. This includes the Windows 10 Home Pro, and the Pro versions for Education and Workstations. The company updated its official Windows 10 documentation to include this information.

Recent reports have said that a new version of Windows will be announced later this month, even though Windows 10 was supposed to be the last version of Windows ever. Microsoft had switched to a Windows-as-a-service model for the operating system with the current version, which meant that users would get over the air updates, like Android and iOS platforms.

In fact, a new version of Windows is also expected to follow the design Google and Apple follow. The two companies update their operating systems every year, putting new nomenclature and evolutionary changes to their feature sets. On that front, Windows 10 has lasted much longer than any Android and iOS version ever. We don’t know if the next version will be called Windows 11, or whether Microsoft will come up with new nomenclature, yet.

A new version of Windows makes sense too, given Microsoft’s recent experiments with ARM chips. The company has designed Surface branded devices that are meant to run on mobile chips, and hence needs a different version of Windows that would be better suited for such processors. Microsoft did update Windows 10 to support ARM as well, but perhaps a larger revamp of the operating system is in order.

Of course, big changes to an operating system are also accompanied by tweaks to the user interface and new features that are native to that particular version of the OS.