We earn the trust of our clients because their success is our business.

Our experts engage across all sectors ranging from Financial Services, Healthcare, Government & Public Sector, to Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment, Transportation and Defense, Consumer & Retail as well as Energy, Resources and Utilities.


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Financial Services

Ten years after the global financial crisis, the banking and insurance industry now faces a new challenge in the form of digital technology and innovation. Continuous development, a dedication to innovation, and an effective technology partner have become crucial for financial services organizations.

Transportation & Defense

We help companies bring new services to their users with our expertise in technologies such as embedded electronics, telematics, IoT, AI, data, and cloud. Increased use of IoT and telematics has increased the risk of cyber-attacks; we help organizations protect data and respect the privacy of users.

Consumer and Retail

As a key partner for our clients in Consumer and Retail services, our teams are intervening in different areas. We are developing services and solutions for our clients, involving experts from our different business lines. This includes in particular: Customer and digital transformation Data analytics and security Growth and new business models Supply chain management IT and technology strategy

Government and Public Sector

Today’s public sector environment requires transparency and high-quality performance to be at the heart of all operational and strategic decision-making processes. Public sector innovation is being accepted by governments not just to keep citizens informed but also enable public participation. A dedicated governance model for delivery operations ensures that our clients receive the best support available, and we have quality-certified services operations across our entire delivery model.

Telecommunications, Media and Entertainment

We believe that ‘technology for its own sake’ is not enough: we are investing time, resources, training, and certifications into those business areas that will be reshaped during next decade. TV media: Traditional television providers must adapt to the new paradigm driven by high-speed internet if they hope to compete with the likes of Netflix or YouTube. Automotive: The auto industry will move from connected cars towards autonomous vehicles. Manufacturing-logistics: The Internet of Things (IoT) and A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) are game-changers for this sector. Healthcare: Tele-diagnosis and remote surgery can be carried out through high-speed networks. Education: Massive Online Open Courses (MooC) will bring a radical change for students worldwide. E-gaming and E-sports: These industries are already using AR/VR tools for total customer immersion: will we keep going to physical venues in future?

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