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To get support from one of our Tech Pros just purchase a one-time fix or subscription. After your purchase, you can connect to a Tech Pro via phone or online chat and remote support. You can also schedule a callback to have a Tech Pro fix your issue at a more convenient time.

Remote sessions require your permission to perform to start, you remain in complete control of the remote connection at all times, and you can see everything the technician does.

Your internet service provider (ISP) can typically assist you if the issue is with internet connectivity to the home. does not provide internet access, but we can help support all the connected devices in your home. We can help you with device connectivity, setup, and troubleshooting, or simply learning new features and functionality. With ETSL IT, you’ll receive premium support that allows you to sit back and watch while our experts do the work. You won’t have to spend time searching for answers online or bringing your device to a local technician.

We cover nearly all internet-connected devices, including, but not limited to: personal computers (PCs, Macs), smartphones (Android & iOS), Smart TVs, printers, routers, sound systems, gaming systems, home theaters, automation systems, digital assistants, drones, etc.

We cover  OS versions of Mac, Windows, Linux, Android, and iOS.

We can diagnose and resolve almost any tech problem via remote technical support. Some of the types of issues we have recently solved are: connecting devices to a home network, tuning up a slow computer, removing viruses or malware, setting up a new printer or device to the internet, recovering lost or deleted files, updating or installing new OS system or software, migrating data, help with password recovery, and more.

Our Tech Pros have been solving tech issues for years across all brands and devices. They go through rigorous hiring and training processes and receive robust coaching and mentoring from our senior staff and hands-on learning experiences.

We offer monthly and annual subscription plans that provide unlimited technical support from a Tech Pro for all of your connected devices. In addition, we offer a one-time fix option that covers any single technical issue with your devices.

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